Tips to Operate Multiple Screens on One Computer

Today in this 21st century advanced technology is becoming more advanced day by day. Things with different features and benefits are facilitating the human needs and making our life easier in this fast growing.  Now technology has given us one more facility to run or operate different screens on a single computer or monitor.

There are few things that you need to run or operate various screens on your computer. To support multiple monitors you need a hardware system of computer and you require monitors along with that. Then you need the multi monitor desk stands which is not compulsory it’s totally up to you if you want it or not. If you want your monitor to look impressive and give a proper and arranged look then you need the desk stands because it gives the monitor a decent look.

Hardware of Multiple Monitor

There are three types of multiple monitor hardware. You can have the internal or the external hardware it’s your choice which one you want. By this internal or external hardware the number of displays will be managed you want on your screen. To maintain multiple monitors the most convenient and easy way is take a proper computer system with the proper multi-monitor graphics card configuration. By this system you can easily install huge number of monitors that you want. There are different types of hardware systems are available that supports multiple screens systems. When you are using a multi monitor then you also need a multi monitor graphics card.

External Multiple-Monitor Adapters

There are two different types of adapters in Matrox. By these adapters it is easy for you to add various displays or make your computer multi-screen. By using the Matrox TripleHead2Go adapter you can display 3 screens at a time. If you use this adapter on your laptop then you can see 4 displays on your laptop.

Features of multiple screen on your Computer

There are some main features on multi-screen computer.

  • You can view multiple screens on your computer 24/7.
  • Internal and external hardware system will give you the facility to choose your own number of screen.
  • By using the Graphics card you can view different graphics on each screen.


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