Redragon M601 Centrophorus – Budget Gaming Mouse

Redragon M601 Centrophorus – Budget Gaming Mouse

If you’ve checked out some of the logitech gaming mice, you might start to think that your dreams of a quality gaming mouse are out of your budget. Luckily, there is a gaming mouse on the market that brings style and functionality to the scene, as well as a rock bottom price tag.

Playing Games

Playing PC games is the best platform for playing games such as Call of Duty on. Who wants to play fast shooter games with a control pad when you can have quick and responsive movements with a keyboard and mouse? As more and more people are turning to PC gaming, it can be expensive to build together a decent gaming machine. That’s why you need to spend your money carefully, and if you want a gaming mouse that feels like it would cost more than $100, but is at a budget price, then the Redragon M601 is a rare beast in the field.

Although this is a wired mouse, you can tell that even to the finest detail, thought has been put into even the most unrecognized problems, such as the cable coming loose or wearing out just as it enters the mouse housing. There is a tight rubber fitting that keeps it tight, and protects the cable from coming loose or being damaged when you’re moving it about for hours. The actual mouse cable is flexible braided fabric, which means that it feels just like your using a wireless mouse. You don’t get any drag, and the length of the cable is 6ft, so even if you want to place your cable around your desk or table to keep things tidy, you’ll be able to do so. Another little nice touch is the velcro cable that is attached, allowing you to transport or store the mouse compactly and neatly.

The mouse connects to your PC or laptop via the USB connection, and the design of the mouse that first strikes you is the great little dragon logo on the bottom. It looks cool. It looks like you’re a gamer that takes your frags seriously. It is styled red, so you might be able to create a red theme if you pick your PC gaming case correctly. The plastic used for the main case of the mouse, feels very similar to the Logitech mouse range. It does have a little grip to it, without being something that collects all your little sweat and dirt fragments.

Similar to the Logitech G500

The Redragon M601 is similar to the Logitech G500 range, which give you the opportunity to use different weights inside the mouse. Yes, it’s really that comprehensive a mouse solution for a cheap price. There are 8 weights to the mouse, so you can mix and match them to find your perfect gaming weight. You will find the weights compartment located on the base, along with the padded feet. These are again another detail that has been given the thought from a gamer’s perspective. There are 4 in total, one in each corner, and they are larger than most mouse pads, meaning you know that you will have very little surface drag as you move the mouse fast over your table surface. They are made from teflon, so you can expect them to last, no matter how many hours of League of Legends you spend playing with it.

The mouse is also equipped with an adjustable DPI button, which allows up to 2000 DPI. This gives you the ability to switch between different mouse responsiveness features whenever you are performing different duties such as pin point accuracy sniping, so just fast battlefield movement. The button is located just below the jog wheel, so is easy to reach.

The two main left and right mouse buttons are a good size in length, so even with the slightest finger touch, you can expect they will respond and spring to action milliseconds after you press them. We all know this can be the difference between winning and losing. There are then two buttons where you would rest your thumb, and the great thing about these buttons is that they are not only easy to reach, but one of them is textured, so you know precisely which one you are pressing. It could do with a couple of more buttons, but even if there was hundreds of buttons available, gamers would still complain there wasn’t enough right?

The last points to note about the Redragon is the jog wheel is a robust clicking type, so you can accurately switch through weapons carefully, or scroll up and down webpages with ease. The mouse is plug and play, but you do get bundled software with it, to customise the buttons if you want. It installs easy on all Windows PC’s and will also work on Mac too.


Overall, if you are wondering what a quality gaming mouse feels like, then this is the one you should buy. Realistically, it might not last you years, like a Logitech, but for the price, even if you get a year’s hardcore gaming action from it, you’ll still feel like you got a bargain.

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