Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review

Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review"

Disclaimer!  I REALLY wanted to love these headphones.  When I bought these I was in search for a go to pair, headphones that just always worked and would stay on my desk indefinitely.  These didn’t. In fact they actually disappointed the shit out of me.   Don’t get me wrong, AT made a great pair of headphones here, but there are a couple things wrong with it that keeps it from being that perfect pair.  Will these work for somebody? Absolutely.  Just not me, and heres why.


Sound signature issues: 

Starting at the bottom of the spectrum, the bass on these are lacking.  I know they are open headphones.  In fact these, and any pair from the ATH AD line, are as open as a headphone could possibly be.  I could not imagine an airier and more open soundstage, and that is exactly what you want out of an open pair, so on that front these are perfect.  But the low end is just sad.  I have heard open headphones with plenty of bass (the fidelio x2’s for example) so I know it can be done.  It just isn’t there and it leaves you hungry, so you turn these up way loud to get a little bass kick that you run into the second, and severely more disturbing issue.  The highs are PIERCINGLY high.  Just ridiculous, holy shit, tinnitus, headache inducingly high.  You will hear every single high symbol and hz that usually goes unnoticed to the human ear.  Now props to AT for making drivers that are so accurate at such high notes, but it is far too aggressive for my liking and certainly fatiguing.  Yes, I am sure this issue could be fixed with a simple EQ adjust, but my thing is that I don’t want to adjust it.  You deserve headphones that are just RIGHT. Without adjustment. If you prefer a warmer sound signature with a softer yet clear high end that is non fatiguing, the AD900x does not fit the bill.

The good: 

The 900x’s are just incredibly light and comfortable.  One of the best feeling headphones I have put on for extended use.  After almost 5 hours of wear time I had completely forgotten they were on my dome.  Secondly, as mentioned earlier, the soundstage and openness is out of this world.  At just being open headphones, these blow any other comparable pair out of the water.  There is no end to the sound.  That is something I will surely have to find in a pair that will end up being my go to, because these spoiled me with an engulfing and huge stage.

One sentence summary: 

Extremely comfortable and massive soundstage, but they will leave you craving on the low end and rape your ear holes with high notes; you can do better for the price and especially for what AT evaluated their MSRP.

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