Android L Is Superior To Apple’s IOS

With Android L, Google is presenting some visual tweaks included in its Material Design overhaul.

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Material Design is a soft, neat, and colorful brand new user interface that’s meant to create the user experience flawless across gadgets on all displays- whether you’re using a smartwatch, handset, or tablet.

In addition to a leaner design, Material Design provides a few subtle nuances which make the Android experience appear more interactive and visually agreeable.

Google states it studied paper and also ink to achieve the shadowed and textured appear you’ll discover in Android L.

listed below are the best visual components Android users need to anticipate.

10 Ways Android L Is Superior To Apple’s IOS

1. Material Design:

A large portion of Material Design is the way colours are portrayed. Google designed a color palette especially to heighten shades and tints, which provides more life to user interface components.

2. App icons:

App icons in Android L are depending on geometric patterns, which make sure them pop and appear much more symmetrical.

3. Paper design:

Google states that Material Design is dependent on the identical design concepts as paper. This implies app icons are created to arise if you tap them instead of sink down.

4. Floating action:

Check out how that Compose key in the Gmail app pops out. That floating steps key is going to create a large presence in applications throughout Android.

5. App design:

Local applications in Android L indicates compact animations when you touch the display screen, similar to the calculator app presented below.

6. Smooth transitions:

Transitions are anticipated to be actually smooth out in Android L. Google shows it to slipping a sheet of paper across a desk.

7. Animations:

The colours and animations in Android L are created to draw your vision towards what’s essential. In this mp3 music player example, the media playback control keys are highlighted.

8. Universal interface:

Google really wants to make their user interface appear the similar across all gadgets. The same design language and app icon type across desktop computer and mobile phone.

9. Colour scheme:

Google is rendering it simpler for designers to add vivid colors with greater contrast to their applications. Therefore expect to see bolder and also brighter colours through Android L.

10. Nested Scrolling:

The brand new Nested Scrolling feature in Android L permits recent calls to disappear when you scroll within the Contacts app. Menu bars lock into position obviously.

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